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 Q: Who do you recommend for towing my vehicle?

A: We trust and have always used Deans Wrecker Service for tows 24/7. They can be reached at 919-872-4476.

Q: Do you inspect cars?

 A: Yes, we are registered North Carolina State Inspection Station and offer both Safety and Emission Inspections. We have multiple qualified technicians on staff to ensure your cars meet all regulations and are safe to be on the road. We can inspect both cars and motorcycles!

Q: Do you do pre-purchase inspections?

 A: Yes, we offer extensive inspections for customers looking to buy a new/used vehicle to ensure the safety of the vehicle as well as note any needed servicing.

Q: What if I need to drop my vehicle off after store hours?

 A: If you are unable to drop your vehicle off until after hours, we offer a well lit, completely safe “night key drop-off” box, located on the side of the building. Simply open the box, put your key in an envelope with your name and number and drop it through the slot.

Have any other questions? Feel free to contact us anytime at 919-877-0076.



We are a member of Technet Professional by Carquest Auto Parts:

When choosing where to have your vehicle serviced, you must consider the quality of workmanship being performed. TECHNET PROFESSIONAL AUTO SERVICE® centers protect your new car warranty and are committed to providing a successful and pleasant automotive service experience. TECHNET PROFESSIONAL AUTO SERVICE®centers have the equipment and technology to diagnose and repair your import, domestic or hybrid vehicles.